Weatherland® Chimes

Weatherland® Chimes are individually hand-tuned to clear, classical notes that resonate peaceful melodies. A wide range of sizes are available, ranging from the light, breezy notes of Whisper of the Plains™, to the deep, rich tones of Church Bells in D-Major™. Individual tags distinguish each chime and give information specific to its melody. Each Weatherland® Chime is boxed with the name of the chime printed clearly on the outside.

Weatherland® Chimes are made of weather-resistant materials for year-round enjoyment. Anodized or powder coated aluminum tubes and a polyester cord guarantee that Weatherland® Chimes will remain attractive throughout the years.

  • We are pleased to offer these top quality windchimes starting at $39.95. It has become popular to send these windchimes to funeral services as an alternative way to express your sympathy. We are able to display the chimes on an easel for an additional charge.

  • Please call for information regarding these beautiful windchimes.

    (513) 732-2323 or (800) 551-3830